Property Cleanup Services

Grounds Cleanup & Hauling

D&J Landscape Services & Maintenance provides complete property grounds cleanup and ground maintenance services.


Field Mowing & Abatement

Sometimes you put things off too long and then your equipment can’t handle the problem. If that happens and you have a big job that needs a professional’s more durable equipment to do a proper grounds cleanup on your property. That is a good time to call D&J Landscape Services & Maintenance.


Fall Leaves Cleanup Service

Fall brings those beautiful leaves of color. Yellows, oranges,and reds are wonderful to see, but when they land in your yard it is not so fun to clean up. So don’t worry about the leaf and grounds cleanup this year, call D&J Landscape Services & Maintenance. Rely on their team of friendly leaf blowers and leaf haulers will dispose of the debris and you can just enjoy the beauty.

Cleanup Services:
  • Blackberry Vines
  • Overgrown Brush & Bushes
  • Overgrown Grass & Fields
  • Abatement
  • Junk & Debris
  • Leaves Cleanup
  • Leaf Blowing
  • Landscape Materials
  • Rock and Bark
  • Lumber
  • Field Mowing and Cleanup
  • Tall Grass
Fun Fall Leaf Ideas Before You Schedule Your Leaf and Grounds Cleanup

Before you have D&J Landscape Services & Maintenance haul away those leaves consider having a little fun with your kids and family. I bet that when you were young that you jumped into a pile of leaves one or two times. Just kicking them around is a lot of fun. Harvest season is a great time to display a scarecrow and you can even use it through Halloween.

Some great crafting ideas for those leaves are to preserve and decorate (leaf mandala) them with art and thoughtful notes, then display them framed, in a collage, a scrapbook or on the wall. Use the leaves to make prints on flour towels or t-shirts. Make a leaf wreath, an autumn leaf bunting, an autumn leaf sun-catcher or zen-tangle leaves and make some sparkly glitter leaves. It is a great way to bond and have fun with all of your family. So remember this year to keep a few of those beautiful leaves and get them prepared to build some wonderful crafts that will make you and your family happy.