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Mulch &Bark Placement

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Why Using Mulch Improves Your Ground and Plants

Do you know some of the reasons that mulching your yard helps it throughout the year?

First is when it rains mulch can help to reduce soil erosion. Secondly when it becomes dry during the summer the mulch helps to condition the soil and reduces soil compaction. The next reason mulching with the proper amount of mulch helps maintain your soil’s near perfect temperature by creating a barrier from the heat and cold. Finally mulch can help increase the soil’s nutrition when you use natural mulches by adding nourishment to the ground as it decomposes.

Landscape Delivery Services for The Portland Metro Area:

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  • Landscape Material Delivery
  • Landscape Material Placement
  • Bark Delivery
  • Bulk Mulch Delivery
  • Bark
  • Rock
  • Stones
  • Mulch
  • Fertilizer

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