Trimming & Hedging

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Shrub, Vine & Trees

Trimming and hedging your plants is a job that you should leave to the professional landscaping companies.

We have the right equipment

Unquestionably, the best reason for hiring a professional is that it is very messy. The second reason is once you have removed the overgrowth hedge, tree or vine, the trimmings dramatically pile up.

We will haul it away

Now that you have filled the front of your yard with these trimmings, where do you dispose of the limbs and foliage?

The best reason to hire a professional landscape company

Obviously, the most important reason is, if you make a mistake your family and neighbors will complain.

Indeed, If you are looking for a professional trimming, pruning and hedging company, D&J Landscape Services & Maintenance will make that shrub, bush, vine or smaller tree look nice and best of all, all the clippings, trimmings, and tree debris will be taken away.

Pruning a Tree

Do you have a tree, vine or shrub that’s has grown so much that it is touching your house? Obviously, trees, vines, ivy and shrubs will grow against your home allow pests easy access to your home. Additionally, the plants that grow into your homes siding, under shingles, under the window trim and into any crack they can find will cause even more serious damage. Therefore, If you see any plants growing against your home, please don’t wait to find out the problems your home will incur. Without hesitation, make a quick call to the shrub, vine, tree, and hedge trimming professionals, D&J Landscape Services & Maintenance.

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